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Bethany Shanahan  (b. 2003, South-West Sydney) is a multidisciplinary artist currently residing and working in Eora Sydney, Australia. Shanahan's work involves masking narratives, exploring human vulnerabilities and examining identity intimacy in the everyday. Her works strive to be ambiguous, questioning the privacy boundaries of the everyday. Her practice walks the line of voyeurism and introspection, inviting viewers to contemplate the enigmatic narratives hidden within everyday life, often observing others, listening and following, focusing on what has been said, which path has been taken, and the simplistic nature of just existing. Whether someone is simply walking, talking, eating, yawning, sneezing, or just living in general, Shanahan finds herself observing and documenting the lives of strangers, immersing herself from a distance. In doing so, she challenges the conventional notions of privacy and identity, inviting us to question the elusive nature of the everydayness of living and the intricacies of the narratives we create within our lives. Bethany Shanahan's practice is a passion of intrigue into the lives of others, often strangers, where she pushes the boundaries of privacy.

Bethany Shanahan (she/her)is currently residing and studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at The National Art School in Eora Sydney, graduating 2023. Shanahan is currently employed as an art instructor at Kaboo Studio, supporting people from all ages and abilities in painting. Recent highlights in her exhibition history include Mart Collective’s Hooray for Hollywood Group show at the Hollywood Hotel during September of 2023.


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